Chick Pea Poppers

Caving a crunchy snack? skip the chips with these crispy Chickpea poppers! (have i sold ya on em yet? )
Half a cup contains 110 calories and over 5g’s of protein and 7.2% iron!! No oil , no butter!!!
And not to mention cost effective, less than 1$ per can!!!
Drain a can of Chickpeas, wash them and than pat them dry , pour em onto a baking sheet, add your fav spices, i used cumin, chili powder, indian masala, garlic powder, and salt and pepper but realistically you could use ANYTHING you wanted, you could probably get away with using the popcorn seasonings , though they are high in sodium
Put them in your oven at 350 for 30-45 mins, give them a stir every 15 mins
and enjoy!


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