Black bean & Avacado Salad


2 cans black beans
4 limes
1 small red onion or half a big one
4 small ears of corn
2 avacados
2 red or yellow bell peppers
Balsamic vinegar
Crushed red pepper flakes

How to do it:
I start by prepping everything this salad involves a lot of chopping, first i always empty the beans into a strainers and run them with cold water so i get all that crap off them and let them sit in the strainer to drip the excess water out.
I dice the bell peppers, onion, i take the corn off the cob, i cut up the cilantro and chives, and save the avocado for last since its mushy.
I put it all in a giant bowl and mix. than i zest all four limes into the mixture, than i juice them ALL into the mixture.
I add a little bit of EVOO and a little splash of balsamic vinegar, I add a little bit of heat of crushed red chili peppers.
Mix together, cover and let sit in the fridge for about 2 hours before serving you NEED to let this sit or it will be too acidic.

Another note everything needs to be fresh, fresh corn, fresh chives, fresh cilantro if you use canned, or dry, it will come out not very well . 


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