Kidney bean burgs

Kidney,Carrot and Quinoa “burgers”
makes 6

Ingredients :
1 can dark red kidney beans
1/2 cup precooked quinoa
1 carrots
1 small onion
Any spices you desire
1 heaping tablespoon flour

how to:
Wash and strain the kidney beans, add to a pot of water bring to a boil than simmer on the stove for 10 mins
Grate your carrot, dice your onion and garlic,
Add quinoa, carrot , onion garlic to a pan with extra virgin olive oil in it on med heat, and cook till the carrot and onion is tender

Once the kidney beans are softened, drain them, add the quinoa,carrot,onion mixture to them in the pot or in a bowl, and mash, mash ,mash until it becomes “meat” like, add your spices and your 1 heaping tablespoon flour mix,

form them into patties, and cook in non stick pan, with a bit of extra virgin olive oil until browned, like a burger Just be careful they are a little more fragile
should take like 5-7 mins each side

They were actually really good, I did it as an experiment, and I am surprised they came out, like theyre amazing, I love em.
These are NOT suitable for a grill.


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