Simple But flavourful Pasta Sauce

nonna (grandmother in italian) always told me the key winner to pasta sauce , is simplicity is best. never over do your pasta sauce or it gets “confused”
I have a few key tips, so please always note the () and yes fresh is best, do not used dry herbs or garlic. this recipe makes a giant pot of pasta sauce, be forewarned you will be freezing some unless you’re serving dinner for a party of 24

what you’ll need:
2 cans Stewed tomatoes
2 cans crushed tomatoes
1 jar strained & crushed tomatoes (note photo 3)
1 can tomato paste
1 half large white onion, or 1 WHOLE yellow onion
Bunch Fresh basil
Salt & pepper
4 cloves garlic
1 tbsp EVOO
Red Chili Flakes
Nutritional yeast/ or Parm cheese

How to:

1.Add heat to pot at about medium, add in evoo , during this time mince very very finely your garlic
2. Once heated add minced garlic to pot and give a stir
3.Dice your onion and add to pot, give a stir and let the onion and garlic “sweat” into each other
4.Add in your can of tomato paste, give a good stir and let the paste caramelize with the onions and garlic this is a very important step.
5.Once caramelized with each other, add in your stewed, crushed, and strained tomatoes , bring to a boil, than down to low low, simmer ,
6.Add in your basil leaves (depending on size if bought from store break into 3,4 pieces per leave, if grown from home and smaller size just break them into two)
7.I generally wait about 15 mins than I add in my salt and pepper and red chili flakes, (do NOT add too much, start little by little and adjust accordingly)
8. About 15 mins before serving add 1 tablespoon nutritional yeast to give a cheesy flavor, if you are non-vegan this is when you add 1 tablespoon Parm cheese

ADDITIONAL NOTES: I like to simmer my pasta sauce all day on the stove, if you do , do this I always add 1 carrot stick whole peeled and washed into the pot it makes the sauce stay sweeter rather than going bitter which it will if you leave it to simmer all day while cleaning , ect
Another note I’d like to add is if your stewed tomatoes depending on brand can sometimes be chunky dont worry just mash em’ with a wooden spoon you don’t want the sauce to be too refined or you might as well have bought primo sauce from the store.


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